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Media release of 27 September 2011

London (England) -- has added support for rNews, a standard for embedding news publishing metadata into web pages developed by the International Press Telecommunications Council (IPTC). With this addition, online publishers can now implement IPTC rNews using an approach supported by the Google, Bing and Yahoo! search engines. Moreover, current implementers of markup now have access to a powerful new set of news- and publishing-specific properties.

Both IPTC rNews and provide data models for embedding metadata into HTML documents. rNews is the first published addition to since its launch.

"I am thrilled to see IPTC rNews markup incorporated into," said Evan Sandhaus, IPTC Delegate and Lead Architect For Semantic Platforms at The New York Times Company.  "To have Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft support this work is a tremendous win for online publishers the world over."

rNews reflects over a year of effort by the IPTC, a broad consortium of news agencies, publishers and system vendors. In this short time, the data model was not only designed but also vetted by members of the wider Semantic Web community.

"To see the Sponsors of incorporate practically the entire rNews data model is an incredible vote of confidence in our work as well as in the IPTC as a whole," said Andreas Gebhard, Member of the Board of Directors of the IPTC and a Managing Editor at Getty Images. "We are excited to be the first and currently the only industry organization to have worked and partnered this closely with Microsoft, Google and Yahoo! to bring the knowledge and expertise of the global news industry to their effort."

Stuart Myles, Lead of the Semantic Web Working Group of the IPTC and Deputy Director of Schema Standards at The Associated Press, added "Making news metadata on the web machine readable in a standard way opens up significant opportunities for innovation for both publishers and consumers of news. This announcement means that the major search engines agree to the news metadata model that we've been developing in partnership with publishers around the world. This will accelerate the adoption of the standard and we look forward to seeing rNews appearing on many news websites in the near future."

About the IPTC:
The IPTC, based in London, UK, is a consortium of the world's major news agencies, news publishers and news industry vendors. It develops and maintains technical standards for improved news exchange that are used by virtually every major news organisation in the world.
Information on all IPTC standards such the family of G2-Standards (NewsML-G2, EventsML-G2 and SportsML-G2), NITF, rNews, the Photo Metadata standards IPTC Core and Extension, and the NewsCodes together with a list of existing members and information on how to join is available at

About is a joint effort between Google, Bing and Yahoo!, in the spirit of, to improve the web by creating a structured data markup schema supported by major search engines. On-page markup helps search engines understand the information on web pages and provide richer search results. 

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