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NewsML-G2 - a family of standards

This family of news exchange format standards provides state-of-the-art metadata and XML technology to combine rich functionality, easy of use, compactness and compatibility with the Semantic Web.

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Common Features of all family members

The new suite, known as the IPTC NewsML-G2 family of standards, is built from a set of specifications and XML components that can be shared in a modular way for maximum effectiveness. The current members of the family are NewsML-G2, EventsML-G2 and the G2-variant of SportsML-G2.

The common features of the NewsML-G2 standards are:

  • A data structure to convey all kinds of news content - the News Item
  • A data structure for packaging News Items in a structured way - the Package Item
  • A data structure to convey persistent information worth to remember and to refer to - the Concept Item
  • A data structure to collect many concepts in a single wrapper, e.g. to convey it as a controlled vocabulary - the Knowledge Item
  • A wrapper to transmit one to many of the items above - the News Message

NewsML-G2-Standards share many core components with the other members of this family. These shared components make the IPTC News Architecture for NewsML-G2 and can be considered as the framework from which all the ...-G2-Standards are built.

All of the features above is being developed within this modular framework, so that programmers can spend less time learning the nuts and bolts of specialized XML standards and more time writing code for customers. It's the cost-effective way of managing news, whether for a web site, news aggregator, newspaper or television station.

The "NewsML-G2 Guide for Implementers" demonstrates this common approach: on 260 pages it explains how NewsML-G2, EventsML-G2 or SportsML-G2 can easily be used side by side.




NewsML-G2, the family's standard for general news, inherits some of its functionality from the original NewsML 1.x: It can act as a sophisticated wrapper for any news item of text, photos, graphics, video or other media and it can be used for packaging any combination of these items.
But NewsML-G2 will make stronger use of IPTC's robust metadata taxonomy suite, known as NewsCodes, and it will better interact with other IPTC-G2 standards, such as EventsML-G2 or SportsML-G2. It will contain hooks for managing news items, and its flexibility will allow news providers to choose whether to support all of the IPTC G2-Standards XML tags or a compact subset.

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EventsML-G2 is a standard for conveying event information in a news industry environment and may be used for:

  • Receiving all facts about an event from the event organiser,
  • Publishing all facts about a specific event by a news provider,
  • Publishing all or only a subset of the facts of one to many events by event listings,
  • Adding information regarding the coverage of an event by a news provider to the distributed event
    facts, e.g. for daybooks,
  • Storing facts about knowledgeable events in archives.
To learn details about this standard go to the specific EventsML-G2 pages


SportsML is the only open, global XML standard for the interchange of sports data. Designed to be as easy to understand and implement as possible, SportsML allows for the exchange of sports scores, schedules, standings, and statistics for a wide variety of sports competitions. Its key features are:

  • Covers scores, schedules, standings, statistics, and more
  • Global in scope and design
  • Common framework for all sports
  • Plug-in modules for specific sports
  • Well documented and easy to use

 To learn details about this standard go to the specific SportsML-G2 pages




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