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Software supporting IPTC photo metadata standards IIM and "IPTC Core"


The IPTC provides standards for photo metadata for more than a decade:
  • In the early 1990's IPTC's Information Interchange Model (IIM) standard was adopted to provide metadata fields in digital image files. This set of metadata is called "IPTC data", "IPTC fields" or "IPTC header".
  • In 2005 the IPTC released the "IPTC Core" standard for metadata based on Adobe's technical XMP framework.

List of software products - in alphabetical order, follow the link

Key to table below:
Supported OS: indicates versions of Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac OS, or a kind of Unix/Linux.
Supports IIM: whether metadata of the IIM standards can be read or written
Supports XMP and IPTC Core: whether metadata of the IPTC Core can be read or written, as IPTC Core is built on Adobe's XMP its supports is a prerequisite.
Synchronizes IIM/Core values: indicates the direction of synchronzing values: 1/ only from IIM to IPTC Core, 2/ only from IPTC Core to IIM, 3/ both directions, 4/ no synchronization is available at all.


Embedded Metadata Manifesto

Read it - support it - spread the word about it.

Image Metadata Handbook

The CEPIC/IPTC Image Metadata Handbook with comprehensive guidelines for metadata management by professionals. Download it for free.

Support and discussion

The IPTC moderates two discussion forums on photo metadata:
* Generic issues
* XMP specific technical issues


The latest Photo Metadata Standards document covering IPTC Core and IPTC Extension (July 2014)

Toolkit for Adobe CS

The IPTC-PLUS Photo Metadata Toolkit for Adobe CS products for free!

Download the latest version of the IPTC-PLUS Metadata panel only.